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What We Do

Our purrsonalized pet meds make medication time easy, TASTY, and stress-free. From adding flavors to the meds, to changing their form (think yummy chewable treats instead of big, solid tablets), we whip up the best possible med solutions for your pet’s personal needs!

Fur, Feathers, or scales – We Take Care of The details

From getting in touch with your vet to shipping your pet’s customized meds to your door – you can count on us from the beginning to the end! 

Allergies? No worries!

Alcohols, poultry, or artificial sweeteners – our compounding experts will ensure your pet’s meds are free of anything AND everything your pet is allergic to.

Pet taking more than one medicine? Let’s Combine Them! 

Giving multiple meds a day to your pet can quickly become a nightmare. Our compounding experts are there to the rescue! For pets on multiple medications, we can combine them into one single pill, so one pill is all you need!

Quality Check? Check!

WDP is PCAB® accredited and USP-compliant. Our website has been verified and listed safe by NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy). We only use USP-certified ingredients in our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical labs. No compromises on quality – we have our monocles on!

Affordability? Check!

We have made personalized pet medicines super af-fur-dable for pet owners (‘cause we’d do anything to see those tails happy and waggy!) With some exclusions, most maintenance medications cost just a couple of bucks a day!

Free Shipping? Check!

Wood Dale Pet Pharmacy offers fast, FREE shipping with tracking on all orders. Most medications are shipped within ONE business day!

Behind the doors of WDP

Learn how our journey began and what our paw-some team is up to now