• How can Wood Dale Pharmacy help give medication to my pet?
    • Wood Dale Pharmacy specializes in CHANGING the form that the medication is available in, to the form that is EASY to give your pet. If a medication is available from your veterinarian or local pharmacy as a pill, and your pet doesn’t like taking pills, Wood Dale Pharmacy can make that exact medication into a flavored chewable treat, such as Bacon, Chicken, Tuna etc. Wood Dale Pharmacy can make flavored liquids as well, that can be given directly to your pet or mixed in with food. We can also make the same exact medication in a flavored powder that can be mixed in food.

      Another option can be a flavored paste that is applied to the paw. The pet then licks the medicine directly off the paw. Since the paste is flavored, the pet enjoys the medicine as if it was a treat, making medication time FUN and EASY!

      Click here to see a list of all available dosage forms.

  • What forms can Wood Dale Pharmacy compound medications into?
    • Wood Dale Pharmacy offers many different types of dosage forms, some of the more common ones for giving medicine ORALLY include:

      • Chewable Treats
      • Concentrated drops
      • Flavored capsules
      • Flavored suspensions

      Other dosage forms include:

      • Ear drops
      • Ointments and creams
      • Shampoo
      • Toothpaste
      • Spray
      • Suppositories

      Click hereto see a list of all available dosage forms.

  • My pet won’t take ORAL medications. What can I do?
    • We have a lot of different ways to help pets that don’t like taking a medication orally. One of the most common alternative to oral medication is to make the medication as a Transdermal Gel (TDG). A TDG is made by incorporating the medication into a special polymer that delivers the medication through the skin, directly into the blood stream.

      This special delivery system is very different from an ointment or a cream. It attaches itself to the medicine and passes it THROUGH the skin whereas the ointments and creams just leave the medication ON TOP of the skin.

      With this specialized dosage form, your pet never tastes the medication. The TDG is applied to the hairless part of inner ear flap. The medication then slowly gets absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream, eliminating the taste problem completely.

      Call us today to see if your pets medication can be compounded as a Transdermal Gel (TDG).

  • How do I get a prescription filled at Wood Dale Pharmacy?
    • If you already have a written prescription from your veterinarian for a compounded medication, just bring it in to Wood Dale Pharmacy.

      You can also have your veterinarian call the prescription directly to the pharmacy at 630-509-0909 or fax it at 866-231-2664.

      Once we have the prescription, we will contact you to go over the price of the prescription, or you can call us toll free at 866-686-2396. If you decide to fill the prescription, you will need to provide your shipping and billing information. Payment must be made in advance with any major credit card. All prescriptions ship via USPS First Class for FREE!

      If you need to refill a prescription you have already received from Wood Dale Pharmacy, call our customer care specialists at 866-686-2396, or refill online.

  • My pet takes multiple medications, can Wood Dale Pharmacy HELP with that?
    • Absolutely! We offer FREE consultations on your pet’s current medications, and can help customize your pet’s medication needs to ease dosing. Whether it is changing the medication form, flavoring medications or combining different medications so your pet doesn’t have to take so many differnet pills, we are here to help.

      We will also talk to your veterinarian and make sure we cover all available options.

  • When are your customer care specialists and pharmacists available?
    • Our customer care specialists and pharmacists are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • How quickly do you process orders?
    • Prescription orders are processed the same day they are received. With rare exceptions, most orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt, Monday through Friday.

  • How much will my prescription cost?
    • The price of the prescription depends on the strength, dosage form and quantity of the prescribed medication. To provide you with an accurate price, a prescription is required, however you are not obligated to purchase the medication.

  • How much will shipping cost?
    • At Wood Dale Pharmacy, shipping is always FREE! You don’t have to pay anything to get your medications shipped. Most medications are delivered to you via USPS First Class, when ready.

  • How can I pay for my prescription?
    • We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. All payments must be paid in full before the medication is compounded.