About Us

Who we are

Wood Dale Pharmacy is a highly specialized, state of the art compounding pharmacy that makes custom prescription medications, JUST FOR PETS.

At Wood Dale Pharmacy we understand that animals are not LITTLE HUMANS and pharmacy schools do not teach veterinary pharmaceutics to students, thus leaving a void when it comes to the pharmaceutical needs of animal patients. This is where Wood Dale Pharmacy steps in. Our staff is highly trained in Veterinary Pharmacology and works directly with your veterinarian to find the best solution to your pet’s prescription needs.

What we do

When it comes to prescription medications, the options for animals are slim to none. Quite often we are faced with the arduous task of cutting human medications into tiny little pieces, not knowing if the dose we are giving our furry family member is correct. Then we struggle with the animals when trying to give the medication.

Wood Dale Pharmacy helps your pet by providing options when getting prescription medications. We work directly with your veterinarian and help them select the best medication needed to treat the illness. We then make this medication from scratch in a form that will make medication time easy and stress free.

Some of the common forms that we compound medications in include:

  • Capsules (Sizes smaller than 1 cm)
  • Chewable treats
  • Concentrated drops
  • Flavored liquid or powder to mix in food
  • Flavored paste to lick off the paw
  • Specialized gel that delivers medication through the skin
  • Sprays and shampoos
  • Rectal suppositories
  • And many more… Click here to see a complete list of all available dosage forms.